4 Ways to Engage when “I’ve had enough.”

Maintaining the will to live when you are advanced in age and are dealing with mental, physical, financial, or motivational limitations, is a situation encountered by most care managers and care givers.

How do you respond when you are told –

“There’s really no point.” or “Why am I still here?” or “I’m ready to go. I’ve had a good life. Why won’t God take me?” or “I’ve had enough.”

Helping someone find meaning and purpose in the very last chapter of their life can be a challenge.

Here are 4 ways to engage with our clients and our loved ones when they say “I’ve had enough.”

  1. Stepping into the spiritual perspective is a good starting point.
    • Where can they still give that will bring meaning to their lives?
    • What’s God’s purpose for them now?
  2. Explore what can bring them joy.
    • What do they miss doing or what have they always wanted to do?
    • Accommodate that experience into their life – some adaptations may be required.
  3. Reminiscing on their life at their prime often brings joy.
    • Pride in accomplishments can generate feelings of peace and satisfaction
    • Shared laughter generates joy and releases stress.
    • This link has more information on Reminiscing.
  4. Peer Support – Are there others in similar situations with whom they can relate?

What’s been beneficial in your practice when you are supporting an elder who is struggling with the sense of “I’ve had enough?”

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