What is an Aging Life Care™ Professional?

Imagine your life as a movie. If you are the director, an Aging Life Care Professional serves as your stage manager. He or she is a deeply knowledgeable guide (usually a nurse, social worker, or allied professional) who finds you high-quality help, arranges locations, and advises concerning needed services.

Aging Life Care Professionals are part of a national organization with training requirements, codes of ethics, and a nationwide network of support in case you need to move to a different part of the country.

Aging affects all aspects of life so an Aging Life Care Professional draws upon many areas of expertise:

  • Advocacy. Communicating with doctors and navigating the very confusing eldercare network to get you the care you want.
  • Health and disability. Conducting an assessment and making recommendations so you, and your family members can rest assured that a plan is in place if you need extra help.
  • Local resources. Recommending area service providers. Anyone can Google. But an Aging Life Care Professional intimately knows quality and reputation and can match best services for your budget and priorities.
  • Family. Helping relatives understand their role and work together to support your wishes.
  • Housing. Providing independent recommendations for the best fit based on your needs, priorities, and resources. No kickback referral fees limiting your choices.
  • Finances. Reviewing your options to identify eligibility for programs and ways to stretch your dollar wisely.
  • Legal. Assembling needed paperwork and referring you to reputable attorneys as needed so you are well covered by a professional team.
  • Crisis intervention. Providing a calm, friendly, knowledgeable presence who knows you and your wishes and can advocate for you during a scary time.

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