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At AgeWise Advocacy & Consulting we charge an hourly rate for our services.

We offer a short phone consultation to deal with short-term problems or a complete a comprehensive assessment in order to help a family determine the best course of action. An assessment includes:

  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Financial

Out of this assessment, we create a plan for moving forward. When needed, we can also help with plan implementation and ongoing care management.

Although we are well known in the Kansas City community by the administrators of many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other senior care organizations, we are not affiliated with any of them. We maintain clinical relationships but not financial ones in order to ensure an unbiased focus on our clients. As a result, there is no financial incentive for us to recommend a particular housing facility, clinical program, in home care provider or other resource.

Please call us at 913.213.8799 (Kansas City/Lawrence) or 573.355.0912 (Mid-Missouri). Fill out the convenient contact form to the right or email us at We can help.