Get To Know Us

AgeWise Advocacy & Consulting is a Kansas City area firm owned by social workers.

  • We will help you and your family navigate complex choices that come with aging or a difficult medical diagnosis.
  • Our approach is holistic, comprehensive and compassionate.
  • Our experience in various clinical settings over the years is invaluable as we coordinate an array of diverse professionals, organizations and communities in providing the best care for you or your loved one.
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Kristen Hilty, LMSW

Kristen is a licensed social worker who has worked with clients from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. She strongly believes that each person intuitively knows what they need to live their fullest lives, and she provides guidance and support in drawing out and affirming her clients’ strengths.

Kristen especially loves working with the senior adult community. Early experiences in helping her own grandmother navigate a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease led her to seek out better systems of care, both for the individual with the disease and their caregivers. 

Kristen holds her master’s in social work from Washington University in St. Louis. In her twenty years of social work experience, she has worked with older adults and their families in medical care settings, such as home health, hospitals and hospice, independent senior living communities, and most recently, as a care consultant with the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Kristen has a personal passion for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, with which she became intimately connected through her leadership at Common Ground Community Building in Jefferson City, Missouri. Kristen continues to volunteer with programs to address the issues of poverty and homelessness through her church community. In her free time, she loves to bake bread, bike the many trails throughout central Missouri, play games, and spend time with her family and senior dogs.  

Philosophy of Business


  • In preserving dignity, quality of life and family relationships
  • Seniors need an engaged advocate when things get tough
  • In finding creative, cost-effective solutions to challenges of aging


  • Excellence in professionalism, knowledge, expertise and objectivity


  • Passion for sharing the journey of aging with our clients and families, with all its bumps and turns, making a difference along the way.