For home care providers

Your clients are frequently vulnerable or medically fragile elders. You and your staff provide the important day-to-day caring and support that keeps them on the path of optimal health.

But sometimes specialized training is required to promote adherence to physician recommendations and catch problems before they bloom into an emergency, whisking your client into the hospital and away from your care.

To promote greater stability for your business, give us a call when

  • a client has multiple conditions. These are the clients most at risk for problems. They are also the most likely to have to leave your service for higher levels of care. Our staff can go to doctor visits and ensure that specialists are coordinating appropriately so medically caused problems can be averted.
  • a client has five or more prescriptions. “Poly-pharmacy” puts your client at risk for problems due to drug interactions (for example, dizziness, falls, fuzzy thinking). Or problems due to confusion about which medications to take when. Our staff can assist by working with doctors and pharmacists to come up with the easiest medication schedule that has the highest chance of adherence and the lowest likelihood of complications.
  • family members live far away. Without nearby relatives, your clients often lack the advocacy they need during doctor visits or the ability to coordinate multiple services outside the purview of your home care support. Our staff can do both, and communicate with relatives about diagnoses, the doctors’ findings, and treatment recommendations.
  • family members disagree. Nothing strains your caregivers or sucks up your time unnecessarily like stressful family relations. Our staff has special training in family relations and can help set expectations, address discord, and spare you and your caregivers from getting caught in the middle of decades-old family tensions.
  • family members expect more than is realistic. With the caregiver shortage, we understand the extra need to be sure your staff are treated respectfully and are valued for their contribution. Let us assist with conflict and help shape expectations so everyone can be happy.