aging parents

An elderly woman in a wheelchair is being helped by a caregiver.

Tips for finding at-home caregivers

Finding a reliable and trustworthy paid at-home caregiver can be a stressful experience.   Will the person be kind?  Will they […]
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Take steps to prevent falls.

Take Steps to Prevent Falls

Take Steps to Prevent Fall by Dr. David Quisenberry, Ph.D Falls are the leading cause of accidental death and non-fatal […]
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Coping and caring when seniors are cognitively impaired.

When is the Truth a Lie?

When is the Truth a Lie?  – Coping and Caring when Seniors are Cognitively Impaired, by Andrea Leavitt A few […]
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Homework heartwork for us all.

Homework (Heartwork) for Us All

Homework (Heartwork) for Us All: Building Resilience – Caroline Dawson From the perspective of standing at my kitchen stove, I […]
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When to say when seniors & driving.

When to say “When” – Seniors & Driving

When to say “When” – Seniors and Driving by Andrea Leavitt One of the most difficult decisions in a senior’s […]
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Which word brings a lack of person centered care planning? i wish i stopped using the word.

I Wish We’d Stop Using This Word

I Wish We’d Stop Using This Word – Caroline Dawson Please try this experiment with me – It’s will take […]
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If i live long enough, i will need help.
A sidewalk with a sign that says look right and look left.

Making Your Healthcare Wishes Known

Making Your Healthcare Wishes Known – Caroline Dawson On a daily basis, clients and family members express to us what […]
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This is your permission slip.

Permission Slips: Part Two

Permission Slips: Part Two – Caroline Dawson This is part two in a series called “Permission Slips”. If you missed […]
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What do you do if you suspect dementia?.

What to do when you Suspect Dementia

What to do when you Suspect Dementia – Andrea Leavitt People often ask, “Where do we start?” when they begin […]
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