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Coping and caring when seniors are cognitively impaired.

When is the Truth a Lie?

When is the Truth a Lie?  – Coping and Caring when Seniors are Cognitively Impaired, by Andrea Leavitt A few […]
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Homework heartwork for us all.

Homework (Heartwork) for Us All

Homework (Heartwork) for Us All: Building Resilience – Caroline Dawson From the perspective of standing at my kitchen stove, I […]
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What do we do about reminiscence talk therapy?.

What is Reminiscence Therapy?

What is Reminiscence Therapy? – Caroline Dawson Family members often ask: “What should I talk to my loved one about?” […]
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This is your permission slip.

Permission Slips: Part Two

Permission Slips: Part Two – Caroline Dawson This is part two in a series called “Permission Slips”. If you missed […]
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Tips for successfully hiring an in home health company.

Tips for Successfully Hiring an in Home Care Company

Tips for Successfully Hiring an in Home Care Company – Dana Lambert Making the decision to hire a company to […]
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Strange behaviors and sudden mood changes a checklist.

Strange Behaviors and Sudden Mood Changes

What is at the source of sudden mood changes or strange behaviors? – Caroline Dawson Behavior is a form of […]
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Yellow daffodils blooming in a field.

Finding a Common Language through Poetry

Finding a Common Language through Poetry – Caroline Dawson As a young child, standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, I recall […]
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A black and white photo of an open book.

4 Ways to Engage when “I’ve had enough.”

Maintaining the will to live when you are advanced in age and are dealing with mental, physical, financial, or motivational […]
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